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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas in January!

The Blankets and Beanies are finally on their way!!

First my apologies to all! I was really hoping to get these out before Christmas, but just had a heck of a time finding someone to ship them for us. Thanks to everyone who was asking and looking for me as well.  

THEN this past week the angel's started appearing! 
First one company who said they would give us a good deal shipping them for us, and a good friend saying she would help cover the cost. THEN another angel Nanci Wudell, called me and said - Just bring them all to us and we will ship them for you!! Nanci and her husband own a company called Nanci's Frozen treats. They have the yummiest frozen yogurt in town! Sooo.....

Thursday morning Steve and I boxed everything up - loaded them up and delivered them to Nanci's. I received an email that afternoon that they were on their way.  Thanks Nanci and family!!!

I also want to share with you where the majority of the blankets and beanies are headed.  We have a great contact Gerry who lives in Broad Channel, NY. Gerry has been wonderful and is anxious to get all 43 of our boxes!  Here are some photos of Broad Channel.

Broad Channel we are super excited for you to get all the warmth associated with each blanket, beanie and scarf headed your way.

You can all go to Broad Channel FB page and see what it was like after Sandy hit, along with some updates on what is happening now in their community. You can also go to Broad Channel Civic to see the progress.

Thanks Gerry for helping us get these to wonderful people on your side of the country. We will be excited to see more pics as you share our blankets and beanies, and hope it makes for a warmer winter!

Just a few quick thoughts! 
As I stood putting all of the blankets and beanies in boxes on Thurs. morning I have to admit, I was a bit sad to see them go :) I know so selfish! But to have all of those blankets piled high in my dining room for those few short weeks, seemed to bring an added warmth to my home! It reminded me daily of great people! It reminded me that all of you care about each other. You care not only about the physical well-being of others, but also about their mental and spiritual well-being.  Thanks to all of you - I felt your warmth and your concern and your love, for people you have never met.  That to me speaks volumes about who you are.   

Thank you everyone - for your sacrifice and time and money and love - it is all boxed up and headed to people that -  like I did - will feel your warmth and love!!  Christmas in January - I think we should start a new trend!! :)

Love to you all ~ Liz

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