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Monday, November 19, 2012

Bearing gifts of goodness!

I've had several wonderful people coming by the last few days bearing gifts of goodness!!   My dining room is filling up and it just keeps getting better! 

Yesterday some of my angel neighbors brought over this bag full of 67 adorable hats.  When their niece Kari Jensen who has spent hours crocheting these cute hats, heard about our project she loaded up her hats and said "I have made all of these hats in the last three months for a booth at a local craft fair and these are what I have left over.  My aunt told me about the donations for hurricane Sandy victims and I decided there would be no better purpose for my hats!"  I know that most of these cute hats she could probably sell online for $20-$30 each, they are that cute!  We are grateful for Kari and her willingness to give of her goodness, to bring some comfort and warmth to our friends on the East coast.  

ALSO - we would LOVE for anyone that would like to, to add a note to your blankets or beanies.  Maybe just give a word of comfort and hope, and you are welcome to put your names and where you are from on them.  Put your note in a small baggie and safety pin it to your blanket or beanie.  I'm sure those that receive would love to know who was thinking about them.  I certainly would.  

A few of my favorites! 

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