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Friday, November 30, 2012

Updates of Sandy and our very own Mustache Mama's

Just browsing the web and came across these articles on damage caused by Sandy. People suffering in varying mental and physical ways; from the cold resulting in the "Sandy cough", cuts and scrapes from clean-up work, mold and several locations still without power!!
Sandy's Health Issues

Liberty and Ellis Island suffered serious damage resulting in several hundreds without work until the damaged islands can be repaired. 
Liberty Island still closed

On the bright side we received a fun package on our doorstep today from: 
The Mustache Mamas!

We are so happy to have been MUUstached!  Their faces are cleverly disguised by their neatly trimmed mustaches! Although we tried to figure out the cute faces behind the mustaches, we failed.  We can only say - kuddos to you and all the anonymous good you are doing!! 
Thanks Mustache Mamas - you have spread your 
goodness and warmth!

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