What It's all about!

Just Us!

This year will be our 30th anniversary! Wow - that's a really long time :)

So can I summarize what I have learned or who I have become in that 30yrs? Probably not, but I'll give it a good try and maybe hit a few highlights!

Married November 28, 1981  - 30 yrs. to my wonderful husband Mr. Porter (or Steve as I affectionally call him) - 5 amazing kids (mom's are allowed to say that!) - 1 beautiful daughter-in-law, 1 awesome son-in-law! 2 brilliant grandkids (that will make their debut this coming Feb.)

Jobs that have kept us in AZ, but have taken us to places all over the US and the world. 

7 different houses (3 of those apartments), 3 different cities, many many friends, wonderful extended family, up's, down's,good's, bad's, pictures, pictures, pictures (Steve is trigger finger happy) and blessings, blessings, blessings!

5 kids

Denver, fabulous musician, creative intelligent mind, entertainer, dancer, maker of happiness to everyone around him (especially his mom). Denver is currently working as our head super videographer for E3 Imagine.  His talents are numerous and continue to amaze me.  So happy that he gets to be using all of those good things to benefit us!! 

Drew & Haley, living in Boston, Drew graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2 weeks.(woo hoo) Amazing guitarist, singer, musician, super husband, master of making all laugh and laugh and laugh. Haley, expecting their first child, nanny, hard diligent worker, love of cute clothes, always adorable, wonderful smile, and best hugger in town.  Can't wait till they both work their way back to AZ to be close to us!! Love all they have learned while living far away and becoming who they are.

Carly Jo, pianist like none other, organizational wizard, incredible returned Sister missionary, loves traveling especially to China, giver, determined and righteous influence to all within her reach.  Carly is also working for E3 and is our #2 videographer, organizer, and adds to our creative team. Love that she decided to stay home and work for us - couldn't do it without her! Carly is "Amazingness"

Tara & Zach, hanging in Provo, Utah attending BYU, Tara fantabulouso singer, smart little cookie, witty, good wife, loves living righteous integrity filled life. Tara is expecting their first baby as well and will share the month of Feb. with Haley to bring us the first 2 grandkids. (yay for us) Tara is also working for E3 as one of our terrific book layout designers. Zach, great husband, smarter cookie, year 3 of degree in mechanical engineering, loves taking care of Tara, and making sure life now and in the future is great for their family. Hate having them far away - but love all they are learning.

Catie, dancer, singer, huge beautiful smiler, senior in high school, always anxious to serve and make others happy, traveler to India to serve in a leprosy colony (with Tara & Carly) and to Europe with school group, really organized, clean, and good taker care of herself!  Catie loves life, and is an incredible example to all who meet her.  Constantly making sure everyone around her is comfortable and feels good about themselves. Catie brings her energy and love of life and fills our home with awesomeness.

In summary, I guess you could say that, although our lives have been filled with new places, new jobs, travels, learning, changing, etc. etc. When it comes down to what it is all about - Family
That is why we are on this earth, to learn and progress and become, as families. Hopefully Steve and I provided the means and opportunities for our children to learn and understand so that they can become good citizens, good people, and good parents and they can carry on the goodness that comes from being a "family" all over again.  

What have I learned?? Can't even begin to go there.  I guess because the learning process is a very personal one. One that only the learner can know and understand. It is also a day by day process and I'm not sure how to measure that? Maybe some of the most crucial things I've learned :
I've learned to love more, judge less, be patient and kind. I'm not always very good at those, but I hope to be! And I'll just keep trying!