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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

E3 Everyday All Day!

These days (and I am sure for many to come) we eat, breath and sleep E3. The magical question of the day - "If I had known how hard it would be to start a new company, and take that company to its fullest capacity as fast as we can physically, and mentally do, would I do it all over again?"  YES!  
I love that understanding that the most rewarding things in life, come at a cost, or at a great sacrifice.  Denver was telling me last night about a study that had been done on being a genius. That if we were to focus on something for 10,000 hours we would be constituted as a genius in that field. That means working on something for 40 hrs a week for 5 years straight, you would become a genius in that one thing you have been working on. So. . . . with that being said, if I can condense that to working over 80 hours a week on E3, it will only take me 21/2 years to become an expert at it!! Whew!! (the ironic part - I know I will probably never be a "genius" but atlas I will be able to learn some amazing and great things!)
So every morning I put on my "running shoes" and start running. I am really learning to love "running" although at times it is very exhausting, and probably most of the time, more mentally exhausting than physically, very hard, but learning to love it.
One of my most favorite quotes is "Work as if everything depends on you, and pray as if everything depends on the Lord" I guess it would be hard to go to wrong if that is our motto and our standard of living. Even with all the work and prayer, it still doesn't mean that it will be easy! 
Easy to me, means no sacrifice, and hence no reward. Rewards are only rewards when something is difficult and takes stretching outside of our comfort zone.

So here I am, stretching, working, praying and running! 

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