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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 for 5 Countries to Give Books!

We are on country #5 - Cambodia!! Just finished our first shoot and loved every second.  One of the things that stands out the very most to me in every country - the lack of books! These beautiful countries with beautiful families seem to have this one thing in common - the lack of a solid education for so many hopeful kids.  They ALL need books and they ALL want better educations.

A bit of what we experienced:
Mongolia - kids traveling 11/2 hours to stay with grandparents during the week to have a better education, and even then there are 40-50 kids in each classroom, with out enough teachers and supplies.
Philippines - schools full of uniforms and smiling faces, teachers worn out making their own visual aids copying 30 times by hand, and using old recycled worn books to teach from.
China - traveling library to remote areas with kids hungry for education and craving books in English.

In every country that we have visited so far we have been able to meet contacts that are anxious and willing to help us distribute our Spread the Words Books, and in every country we have kids anxious and waiting to be able to learn.

I think we are as anxious to finish our trip as we are to be on our E3 trip - ONLY because as soon as we are done we get to start printing and shipping books! The more books we print and sell the more we get to send all of these adorable kids books. And give them an opportunity to see their own potential and opportunities that await them in the world.  It also really hit me in these countries, through the people that have been helping us, that the kids that know English, have the greatest opportunity for the best jobs. 

Sooooo - we keep up this steady pace, up early, tired backs and eyes, 24 total bags to transfer on and off twice a week on airplanes, in taxis, to hotel rooms, usually one meal a day, squishing into small places hoping for the perfect shot, and frustrating technical problems.  BECAUSE - we want to share these amazing wonderful lives - AND we want to take books to all these beautiful kids, and teach them so much more than English.

Country 5 - Cambodia - more families, wonderful hostess, tuk tuk rides, great food, AND more kids hoping for a better life for themselves and their families.

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