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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Choosing to be Happy One day at a time!

Getting ready for our next trip in a week has given me cause to remember again the incredible time we had during our first shoot, which took us to Costa Rica, Ecuador, Jamaica and Boston. Great people living great lives! 
Leaving the U.S. is always humbling, and always life changing.  I LOVE meeting new people and seeing new things. Experiencing for a brief moment what their lives entail and although so very different, people are happy no matter the circumstances - If they CHOOSE to be!  Good lessons for all of us.

Happiness is something worth working for.  Praying for.  Living and Looking for.  I CHOOSE who I am and how I will be. AND many times that can be an exceptionally hard task.  AND some days maybe even briefly impossible. . . . BUT add a little faith, and a little gratitude and - yup happiness comes again.

I love being with people who live this principle and are a tremendous example to me! And there are many!!

I was especially impressed with the families in Jamaica.  Happy cute families, living very difficult lives, (at least as we know it), but truly loving life.

This cute picture of the Dennis family - is evidence of who they are inside! You can see it in their eyes and their whole being! I think of them often, and hope to see them again some day!

Thanks Dennis' for making a difference in my life!!

I CHOOSE to be happy!!

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